A short documentary directed by Kaia Rose about a 115-year old Japanese sweet shop in downtown LA; currently in production.


More than a sweet shop

Fugetsu-Do is a third generation family business that has been at the heart of Little Tokyo for 115 years.  It is more than a confectionary shop - the sweets made by the Kito family are linked and intertwined with Japanese-American culture.  Their business is truly an example of craft food bringing people together.


The craft of wagashi

It takes 10 years to become a shokunin, a master of the art of mochi-making, or wagashi.  Like any craft, wagashi is handed down from generation to generation and it takes years to master.  Brian Kito has been working in his family's store since he was young and only took it over from his father after 10 dedicated years of training. 


A passion to exist

Unlike most immigrants, the Kito family has had to do the American dream twice - once when Seiichi Kito arrived in Los Angeles in 1903 and again when he and his son, Roy, returned to Little Tokyo after having been interned in Wyoming at Heart Mountain during World War II.  This is a universal story that is particularly relevant in today's America.